Research in Economics and Networks

NEXYS Lab. studies on the principles, applications, and future of network and complexity economics in the era of new paradigm such as digitization, network, and system. Based on this knowledge we conduct applied research on the risk of economy and society, the technological economy and industry policy of ICT sector, the innovation ecosystem and policy at a macro level, and so on. Furthermore, we provide sophisticated economic feasibility analyses for various business cases and government policies in the related fields.

  • Network & Complexity Economics : stability, dynamics

  • ICT Economics & Policy : matket structure, conduct, performance, regulation, standardization

  • Innovation Ecosystem : regional innovation system, clustering

  • Economic Feasibility & Cost-Benefit Analysis

Network Theory as a Principle of Business and Economics

We try to understand and develop the principles of business and economics and apply them to the industrial and business sectors. In particular the network priciples are focused.

  • Network Externalities

  • Increasing Returns

  • Path-Dependent Process

  • Self-Organizing

  • Complexity

Complex Systems

Spirit of NEXYS Lab.

Like bees, we devote ourselves to do works with all hearts and do not concern about the results. The opportunities come to us by chance.