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Ph.D. students

  • 권오성 (Kwon, Ohsung)
"Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Complex Systems"

* Education

B.S. in Mathematical Sciences, minor in Management Science, KAIST, 2012

M.S. in Business and Technology Management, KAIST, 2014
(Master's thesis: Propagation of Liquidity Crisis and Monitoring Potentially Risky Firms: Evidence from Korea)

* Publications

Ohsung Kwon, Sung-guan Yun, Seung Hun Han, Yang Hon Chung, and Duk Hee Lee, "Network topology and systemically important firms in the interfirm credit network," Computational Economics, forthcoming

- Joohyun Kim, Ohsung Kwon, and Duk Hee Lee (2017), "Social influence of hubs in information cascade processes," Management Decision, 55(4), 730-744

* Working Papers

- Joohyun Kim, Ohsung Kwon, and Duk Hee Lee, "Transaction costs, network topologies and information cascades in the financial markets" (under review at Computational Economics)

Ohsung Kwon, Seung Hun Han, and Duk Hee Lee, "SME profitability of trade credit during and after a financial crisis" (under review at Applied Economics)

- Sangmin Lim, Ohsung Kwon, and Duk Hee Lee, "Knowledge spillovers, technology convergence, and the role of investors in the startup ecosystem" (under review at Journal of Business Venturing)

Ohsung Kwon, Sangmin Lim, and Duk Hee Lee, "The effect of the acquisition market on venture capital investment" (working paper)

* Conferences

- 권오성, 이덕희, 윤성관, "기업 간 거래 네트워크에서의 유동성 위기 전파 분석: 한국의 외상매출채권담보대출 네트워크를 중심으로", 제8회 복잡계 컨퍼런스, 가천대학교, 2013.11.16

Oh Sung Kwon, Duk Hee Lee and Sung-guan Yun, "Propagation of liquidity shock and monitoring potentially risky firms: Evidence from Korea", ECCS'14, Lucca, Italy, Sep. 22-26, 2014

- 임상민, 권오성, 이덕희, "Network analysis of venture startup convergence and knowledge flows: An application using investment data in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry", 2016 한국중소기업학회 추계학술대회, 서울 DMC타워, 2016.11.11

- Sangmin Lim, Ohsung Kwon, and Duk Hee Lee, "Entrepreneurship, knowledge spillovers and technology convergence: An empirical analysis", 15th International Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF) Conference, Venice, Italy, Dec. 14-16, 2016

- 임상민, 권오성, 이덕희, "Knowledge spillovers, technology convergence, and the role of investors in the startup ecosystem", 2017 한국정보사회학회 봄철 정기학술대회, 대한상공회의소, 2017.5.12